DSI’s NewsShark Plus offers unprecedented opportunities for UAV operators to transmit HD quality streams during flights using both WiFi and cellular technology coupled with DSI’s years of RF experience to enable you to reliably transmit the highest quality picture.

The benefits of integrating the NewsShark Plus into your UAV airframe are: 

  • Lightweight, minimal extra payload
    • NewsShark Plus with its case weighs in at one pound. Individual boards weigh in at only 8.65 ounces total weight.
  •  Adaptability
    • DSI offers the NewsShark Plus electronics as a unit or DSI can adapt the lightweight technology to fit your needs.
  • HD video: Full 720p HD video
    • NewsShark’s exclusive “Breaking News” mode allows HD streams at bandwidths as low as 256K. Get the story even in highly concentrated cellular or WiFi situations.
  •  Highly Specialized RF capability
    • NewsShark Plus is equipped with two cellular and one 5.8 GHz WiFi modem to facilitate connection under all conditions. Specially matched antennas provide the best coverage and connectivity available for your airframe. Unique WiFi implementation ensures connectivity even in high-RF areas.
  • Long operating time
    • NewsShark Plus comes equipped with LiIon battery technology. Offers up to 4 hours of operation at full cellular and HD mode.
  • Flexibility
    • Operates on wide voltage range–12 to 36 vdc